Beyond Neverland – Renting a Boat

Water Sprite, Water Mouse, Sea Raycer, Mini Boat?  Whatever you call it (we call it sprite) these little go cart-like boats are a blast and were our #1 priority when we first started planning our “no-park” trip.  It had been about 15 years since either of us had rented one of these little guys so we kind of weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into.  I mean, we saw little kids driving them, so hard could it be?  Since we knew we wanted to check out Fort Wilderness we headed right over after checking in and unpacking/relaxing at the resort.  Unfortunately, we were turned away and diverted to the Wilderness Lodge which ended up being a blessing in disguise.  We looked around the lobby and pool area and decided if we got a good rate we would definitely plan to stay there for our next Beyond Neverland trip.  This is one of the few resorts on property we haven’t stayed at.

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Becoming An Honorary Citizen of the Day

Being at Walt Disney World never gets old for us!  We always try to learn and experience something new each time we visit.  The trip I took this past weekend was no exception.  I only recently learned about becoming an honorary citizen at Hollywood Studios (the things you learn watching Periscope).  Hearing the rumors that One Man’s Dream will be closing soon, my goal was to visit this attraction and become an Honorary Citizen of the Day.  Here’s how you can become an honorary citizen:

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My “Own” Chickapin Hill

I’ve always found ways to bring that Disney World magic into my everyday life, and here is one example…

One of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular attractions, Splash Mountain, is a flume-ride journey through Disney’s “The Song of the South” that ends with guests plummeting down Chickapin Hill (home of Brer Fox and Brer Bear).  As you can see here, I have my own Chickapin Hill in my backyard!

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Beyond Neverland – Choosing a Resort

Beyond Neverland – A Disney Vacation Without Setting Foot in the Parks ~ Learn More Here!

The most important consideration for us was the resort we were going to stay at.  We typically like to stay at a Moderate Resort (Port Orleans Riverside is our current favorite) or Pop Century, but we’ve been known to splurge on a Deluxe Resort when we can get a good pass holder rate.  For this trip we were spending 2 nights – a Saturday and a Sunday. We wanted to experience a Deluxe Resort because we knew we would have the time to explore and relax at the resort.  After seeing which hotel offered the best passholder rate, we decided on the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We had stayed there once before and knew it would be the perfect spot.  Of course, if Animal Kingdom Lodge is not in your budget, you can still visit and explore the resort.

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Molly’s First Trip to Walt Disney World

In the ’80s, my mother and grandfather took me on a day trip to the Magic Kingdom when I was five years old. Emily was only a few months old, so she stayed home with my grandmother. I don’t remember a whole lot about the trip, but I have snippets in my mind, helped out by a few pictures that we still have of that trip. When we left it was dark out, and the 2 hour drive seemed to drag on forever! The one vivid memory I had is that it was very crowded. Back in those days, we didn’t have fast passes, so we waited in line for an hour to ride Dumbo.


Me and my grandpa on Dumbo. We are in the pink one on the right.


You can see his face and my little head peeking out behind him.

Here are some pictures taken from the Skyway:

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Emily’s Early Disney Memories…


The iconic Cinderella Castle during one of our first visits in the ’80s.

Growing up in the ’80s, we were fortunate enough to have grandparents that lived close to Disney…roughly a 2 hour drive away. We would visit Florida multiple times a year, and always for at least 2 weeks in the summer. Sometimes our parents would take us to Disney World for 3 whole days….and those 3 days were easily the highlight of our summer. We would get up VERY early when it was still dark out (probably about 5 am) and drive what seemed like forever until we passed under those magical gates where we could leave reality behind. There was a Disney World channel that we could turn on the radio that would pump us up even more. The first site of a monorail made everything real. We were really there! Continue reading