Becoming An Honorary Citizen of the Day

Being at Walt Disney World never gets old for us!  We always try to learn and experience something new each time we visit.  The trip I took this past weekend was no exception.  I only recently learned about becoming an honorary citizen at Hollywood Studios (the things you learn watching Periscope).  Hearing the rumors that One Man’s Dream will be closing soon, my goal was to visit this attraction and become an Honorary Citizen of the Day.  Here’s how you can become an honorary citizen:

Speak to the cast member at the front entrance of One Man’s Dream.  Tell them you are interested in becoming an honorary citizen.


The cast member will give you a trivia quiz.  Mama Darling and I both got them, and each had different questions.


Wander through the exhibit and find answers to the questions.  We knew a lot of the answers already, but it was still fun to locate the answers to the questions.  When you are finished, hand your completed quiz to the cast member at the entrance to the Walt Disney movie.  If you have all the answers correct, you get to sign the book that has the names of all the honorary citizens, and you get a really cool button and certificate as mementos.


This is quite a hidden gem and, sadly, I’m not sure how much longer it will be around.  It was really fun to be able to become an honorary citizen, and it’s yet another way Walt Disney World strives to make park visits special and magical.


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