Beyond Neverland – Renting a Boat

Water Sprite, Water Mouse, Sea Raycer, Mini Boat?  Whatever you call it (we call it sprite) these little go cart-like boats are a blast and were our #1 priority when we first started planning our “no-park” trip.  It had been about 15 years since either of us had rented one of these little guys so we kind of weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into.  I mean, we saw little kids driving them, so hard could it be?  Since we knew we wanted to check out Fort Wilderness we headed right over after checking in and unpacking/relaxing at the resort.  Unfortunately, we were turned away and diverted to the Wilderness Lodge which ended up being a blessing in disguise.  We looked around the lobby and pool area and decided if we got a good rate we would definitely plan to stay there for our next Beyond Neverland trip.  This is one of the few resorts on property we haven’t stayed at.

Eventually we made our way to the dock and after some quick paperwork and a safety spiel we were off.


Here we go!

To quote Molly….Yeeehaw! She was “driving” while I navigated and took a few videos and photographs.

What remains of River Country

What remains of River Country

Our main goal was to get a closer look at the elusive River Country.  We actually just kept going back and forth next to it staring and taking pics.  Other boaters were probably wondering what the heck we were doing, but we didn’t care.


Discovery Island

We also did a few loops around Discovery Island and got a closer look.  It was really sad to see it empty.  I wish they had done something with it.  Alas, its spirit along with Walt’s remains alive in Bay Lake.

After about 45 minutes or so on the open water we decided to head back.  An interesting fact is that they allow you to switch drivers at any of the resorts with a dock which would be fun for an extended water sprite adventure.  We actually could have gone over to the Seven Seas Lagoon to get views of the Magic Kingdom, but we had other plans which we will get into more detail about on future posts.

A few tips if you go….bring sunscreen (Molly learned that one the hard way), drivers must be 12 or older and at least 5 feet tall and always observe all the rules of the waterways as there are safety patrols out on the water.

All in all, I highly recommend checking out renting a boat at Disney World.  You see things from a different angle and it’s also very calming.  It’s one of those activities we never get to do on regular trips, so I’m really glad we took advantage this time!  Maybe next time we will rent a pontoon boat…



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