Saying “Rabbit Rabbit” in the Magic Kingdom

A long time ago, in a far off land (known as Massachusetts), a fairy godmother of ours taught us all about a little trick to bring us good luck.  After the stroke of midnight, before speaking any other words, one must utter the words “rabbit rabbit” to be granted one month of good luck. Here is more information about the tradition.

Exactly one year ago today we were at Walt Disney World.  Imagine our delight when we realized we would be at the most magical place at midnight on September 1st!  That evening, we watched the 11:00pm Main Street Electrical Parade.


Emily enjoying her dole whip float prior to midnight.

We then wandered around Adventureland and kept looking at our phones because we did not want to miss midnight.  Poor Mama Darling had to deal with our silly antics!  At 12:01 we both exclaimed “RABBIT RABBIT!”  I don’t remember if September ended up being a particularly lucky month for us, but it’s a memory the Second Star Sisters fondly remember.


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