Getting Excited for Our Next Trip

One of my favorite things about being a Florida Resident Passholder is being able to escape to WDW for quick weekend trips.  I usually try to take advantage of holiday weekends so I can get away without using a vacation day.  Luckily we have one soon and I was able to convince Molly to join me even though she was just there (note: it wasn’t hard).  I live on the East Coast of Florida, about 2 1/2 hours from WDW, and Molly lives on the West Coast less than 2 hours from WDW.  It’s the perfect spot to meet in the middle!

Our touring style is very laid back, with loose plans that usually get changed constantly as we discuss different scenarios while there.  This also seems to be an ongoing joke, we’ll plan to do something and then throw out ten different other options.  We also have no problem splitting up.  I’ve spent hours by myself doing things I want to do while my family is off doing something else.  Sometimes when Mama Darling, Molly and I go together the three of us will separate depending on who wants to do what and we are all totally fine with that.  We also don’t mind if we only do a few attractions per day.  We are often there just to soak up the atmosphere and our attraction count is no biggie.  We know we will always be able to come back so there’s no need to stress about it.

With that being said here is what I am looking forward to on our next trip, September 5-7, 2015!

  • Staying at the Dolphin Hotel for the first time and exploring the resort
  • Walking to EPCOT and The Studios
  • Strolling World Showcase and checking out the entertainment (R.I.P. The British Invasion and Off Kilter)
  • Returning to Trail’s End (one of the hidden gems of WDW that we discovered Beyond Neverland)

Not too long now and we’ll be off to Neverland!!!


3 thoughts on “Getting Excited for Our Next Trip

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