Beyond Neverland – This Way or That Way?

After our boat journey we decided to walk over to Fort Wilderness.  We were told there was an “easy” route and a “hard” route, which a cast member described as somewhere along the lines of more confusing.  Confusing?  We might get lost? Sign us up!  We love all things backstage, so we figured we might be able to stumble upon something interesting (River Country perhaps?) on the hard route.  While we never did come across a backstage entrance to River Country, I was glad we opted to take this route that followed parallel to Bay Lake.  It was very serene walking down the unpaved path, and it was really quiet.  There is something about being around Bay Lake, especially being in the unspoiled areas, that we can sense Walt’s presence.  We felt like we were the only ones around for miles.  I guess that might have been somewhat true, since most people were either at the parks or hotels.


Here’s a video we took from the trail:

We still had a lot more investigating to do once we reached our destination.  Stay tuned for what we encountered while on the grounds of Fort Wilderness!


4 thoughts on “Beyond Neverland – This Way or That Way?

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