Wishes from the Speedway

Because we visit Walt Disney World so often, we always enjoy learning and experiencing something new, and we always seem to be successful at doing this.  During our recent trip, I experienced Wishes (the nighttime fireworks show) in a new way. I am not a huge fan of the show and packed crowds, so I am not interested in watching it front and center at the castle. I do enjoy randomly catching the fireworks  at different locations throughout the park.

There’s nothing like whizzing around on the TTA and catching a glimpse of fireworks. I have never ridden Big Thunder during Wishes, but I’ve heard that’s a cool spot too. On a recent trip, I watched Wishes while driving on the Tomorrowland Speedway. I had a fast pass for 9:55, and as I entered the queue and looked up at the time, I realized Wishes would begin at any moment. Right before boarding, the music swelled and fireworks began exploding behind me. The Speedway is closer to the launch area, so the noise was much more intense than when you watch from the front of the castle. As I “sped” around the Speedway, I got a full view of the show. Here is a silly little video I took while driving:


It’s experiences like this that make being at Walt Disney World exciting for me.  Now, if you prefer a full on view of Wishes, check out this great post by the Disney Tourist Blog which includes a neat color coded map to learn about the best spots to view it.  Where is your favorite spot to view Wishes?  Leave a comment below!


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