A Marvelous Birthday Surprise


Second Star Sisters celebrating Emily’s birthday in style!

I was fortunate enough last weekend to not only have the day off from work on my birthday, but I also was able to spend it in the happiest place on earth.  I arrived on Saturday at 9 am – checked in to the Dolphin and headed straight to the Magic Kingdom.  I’m truly not a huge birthday celebrator (which is why I didn’t mention it in my previous post), but I do admit there’s something extra special about being in the parks on your birthday.  It was also the perfect day to be at the Magic Kingdom, too.

Around 11:30 am, I was making my way out of the Magic Kingdom through Tomorrowland when I received a birthday text message from one of my good friends, Allison, wishing me a wonderful day.  She didn’t know where I was so I sent her a picture to show her and to brag a little (hehe).  We continued to write back and forth as I was making my way down Main Street.  She was expecting her first child and due very soon on October 19th, so it was fun to catch up and send her luck before the big day arrived.


Later on the in the day at about 3:30pm, I was in EPCOT, specifically in line for the Gran Fiesta Tour ride in Mexico, when I receive another text message from my friend “My water broke.” Wow! To think it was actually happening today, especially since we talked earlier when I was at the Magic Kingdom.  I again wished her luck and was slightly hoping he would be born the same day as me, but wasn’t sure how likely it would be given the time of day.  At that moment I asked Mama Darling,”What time did you go to the hospital with me?” She said 5:30pm – and I was born at 9:35pm, so it was slightly possible, but you never know!


Fast forward to 10:30pm and all 3 of us were in line for Peter Pan (the most magical ride in the Magic Kingdom, in my humble opinion) when I received one more message from my friend that read “Birthday Twins!” and explaining he had arrived at 9:05pm.  Not only were we birthday twins, but we were exactly 30 min apart as well!  The thing I love most about this story is I will always remember exactly where I was on this day – especially when I found out the important developments (Mexico and Peter Pan).  I can’t wait to meet him and to tell him this story one day as well!  Welcome to this magical world, CJK!


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