I Rediscovered a Quiet Hideaway in the Magic Kingdom

imageThe Tomorrowland Terrace is a counter service restaurant between Main Street and Tomorrowland that is rarely open for customers.  It used to be open daily, then they cut it back to only being open during major holidays and for special dessert parties.  It was always one of those counter services restaurants I would hardly eat at when it was actually open.

Often times when on a mission, I cut through here either entering or exiting the park via Main Street.  It saves a lot of time and avoids having to weave through crowds.  It wasn’t until my last trip that I realized this space is actually a really neat area within the park, that most people don’t ever stop to look at in more depth.  First off, even though it’s technically outside, the entire restaurant and seating area is under cover and air-conditioned.   Secondly the place is spotless, and their bathrooms are hidden in the corner, which I doubt many people use.  How cute is the sign on the door? IMG_20151010_113843

I picture this location to be the perfect spot to stop and take a break on a sweltering summer day, or a place to take shelter during a torrential storm.  Lots of families bring their own food (mine included) and what better place to sit and enjoy a spectacular view of the castle with virtually no one else around!


It sure beats trying to find a seat in a loud, overcrowded counter service restaurant without this view!



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