Beyond Neverland-Taking a Carriage Ride

The Beyond Neverland adventures continue!  We had spent two days exploring Fort Wilderness, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge, taking a boat ride, walking along the path between Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness, enjoying the Tri-Circle-D Ranch, and eating at the Trails End Restaurant two nights in a row.

The first night after our meal, we had planned on taking a horse drawn wagon ride. We were so excited because not only would we get a scenic tour of Fort Wilderness, but the price was right at $8.  When we were there earlier in the afternoon, we saw that the rides were weather permitting.  Summer weather in Florida can be unpredictable, so you just never know when the skies will open up.

When we arrived back at Trail’s End for dinner, we were disappointed to see a sign that said the wagon rides were cancelled due to weather, even though it wasn’t raining. Determined to take a wagon ride, we decided we would try again the next evening. The next evening, same story.  Not raining, but cancelled.  We just weren’t meant to take that dang wagon ride.

Suddenly Emily had the idea of checking to see if we could get a carriage ride instead. The carriage ride is a pricier endeavor, at $45, but we had our minds set on doing some sort of a horse-drawn ride.  We called the number posted at the waiting area for a carriage ride, and within minutes our carriage arrived!!!  Now, you might wonder if we took a picture of the carriage, but we were so excited to be taking the ride that we jumped in and snapped this pic:


Our carriage driver was friendly and informative and took us on a serene and leisurely tour of the property.  It started out along Bay Lake and then around a bend along a canal.  It seemed like we were the only ones around.


Next, we headed out to the camping area and toured some of the loops.  We are not big fans of camping, but we were amazed by some of the set ups people have with their campers and how laid back everyone seemed.  We started envisioning ourselves staying all summer long there when, all of a sudden….downpour!


 For the last 10 minutes of our tour it poured, but it added even more of a relaxing ambiance between the rhythmic clicking of horseshoes and the rain pelting the carriage cover.  Our driver dropped us off inside the horse barn at Tri-Circle-D Ranch so we wouldn’t get soaked, and we hung out there until the rain stopped.  Right before drop off, we looked out into the not so far distance and saw the wagon ride – that had actually taken place after all – with the people on it completely drenched.  Had we gone on it, it would have made the rest of our evening not so comfortable.


All in all, it was a fun and memorable experience, and, we plan on tackling the elusive wagon ride another time.

Check out these short videos we took (please note what a trooper our driver was in the rain – she didn’t complain, just put her rain jacket on and carried on…):


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