The Top Ten Things We Love (And Will Miss) About Captain EO


Emily and our friend Erin Electronaut getting pumped to see Captain EO.


Almost 30 years ago, the power of music, dance, and imagination came together to create an amazing out of this world adventure. Captain EO resided in Epcot’s Magic Eye Theater from 1986-1996, then returned in 2010 as a tribute after Michael Jackson’s death. Disney has announced that December 6th will be the final voyage of Captain EO. The show has received mixed reviews, but being as nostalgic as we are about the Disney of our childhood, Captain EO has always been a favorite. Here are our top ten things we have loved (and will miss) about Captain EO.

1.  The preshow: the 80s music, outfits and hairstyles.

2.  The music….2 classic Michael Jackson tunes “We Are Here to Change the World” and “Another Part of Me.”  We especially love dancing to the reprise of “Another Part of Me” when exiting the show.

3.  The big reveal of Captain EO at the beginning of the movie.  We love seeing the “King of Pop” during his better days, which is the way we want to remember him.

EO big reveal


4.  The backup dancers.  Great styles and moves.

EO dancers


5.  Audience reaction to the film: sometimes the crowd is super enthused, hootin’ and hollerin’, which makes for a fun show, and other times the people sitting in the theater seem to be thinking, “what the heck am I watching?”

6.  Captain EO’s ragtag crew:



7.  Hooter’s wife beater shirt.  Seriously, he somehow pulls it off.

EO Hooter


8.  These dudes:


9.  Michael’s sparkly shirt and the Supreme Leader’s sparkly rainbow dress at the end of the movie.  You gotta love those special effects!


10.  The hidden Mickey in the spaceship.

EO Spaceship

Thanks for the memories, Captain EO!


3 thoughts on “The Top Ten Things We Love (And Will Miss) About Captain EO

  1. Awesome tribute to this classic experience!! I personally love the backup dancers 🙂 hehe. You captured the essence of Captain EO…: R.I.P.

    Ps. I can’t believe that was 2010!


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