Destination – Dole Whip, Part Two

dole sign

The Original Likit in St. Augustine, FL

A couple of weeks ago I had family in town, so we decided to head south about 45 minutes to St. Augustine – the “oldest city” in America.  Now this is somewhere we frequent quite often, and it’s really fun to feel like we’re on vacation even just on a weekend day.  The day we visited was warm and sunny, and my group was very interested in trying out a Dole Whip stand that I noticed had popped up on the main drag, St. George Street, over a year ago.  I had never had the opportunity to try it, but it seemed to be, yet again, the real deal.

The Original Likit has all the same selections that Walt Disney World offers, but as a bonus and a blast from my childhood – chocolate!!! – which disappeared off Aloha Isle’s menu years ago.  The stand also features Smoked Turkey Legs and the Frozen Sunshine (known in WDW as the Citrus Swirl found on the menu at Sunshine Tree Terrace), which really enhances the Disney-esque atmosphere of the place.

Unfortunately I was way too full from lunch to have any, but my family all gave it two thumbs up.  It’s really nice to know there is another option, not too far from home, to savor in some famous Dole Whip!

dole yummy


Click here for more info on Likit in Saint Augustine!


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