Morimoto Asia: A Dining Experience Worth Braving the Crowds For



When I booked our New Year’s trip, I knew on the first day we wouldn’t be hitting any parks. I had mentioned this to Mama Darling, and she immediately suggested we try out Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. I checked out the menu and it didn’t take too long to convince me, I was in. I had never actually heard of it before and didn’t realize how hard it was to get a reservation. I booked one for us at 5:15 pm which is a little on the early side, however, after checking daily for a few weeks I snagged a cancellation at 6:00 which for us was a much more suitable time.

This was my first visit to Disney Springs in well over two years. The last time I was there it was still called Downtown Disney, and there wasn’t much construction going on. Molly and Mama Darling have been to DTD/DS quite a few times since construction started, but I didn’t quite know what to expect. This post is going to focus on the restaurant experience rather than the ‘Springs, but I will note that trying to get to the restaurant was an adventure to say the least with crowds everywhere!

Upon entering, we sensed a calm atmosphere with immaculate modern architecture, and we quickly forgot about the chaos outside the doors.


We waited a few minutes and were seated at a table for two in the middle of the restaurant on the first floor. The thing I loved about the seating was that even though some tables are close together, you still have a feeling of privacy and can hardly hear anyone around you. (Or maybe our neighbors were just quiet!) I really liked the open kitchen concept and I could easily tell how spotless everything was. The music was soothing and mellow, with a little bit of a flair that we loved. We actually used Mama Darling’s app on her phone that tells you what music you are listening to – the artist is called OhmG & Bruno.

I knew I wanted to try a bunch of different items, so we decided to share everything, rather than ordering our own entrees. Luckily, Mama Darling let me choose everything, apparently she trusts my opinion when it comes to fine dining.  We were pleased to see that they have different menus for people with various allergies.

We started out with three dim sum selections- vegetable egg rolls, chicken dumplings and grilled chicken bao (steamed buns with grilled teriyaki chicken):



Everything arrived piping hot, and I could not wait to dive in. All three appetizers were deliciously authentic. My favorite were the egg rolls, which I added onto the order last minute. I am so happy I did! They were unique and filled with edamame, kale and mushrooms and served with a spicy apricot dipping sauce.

For our entrees~chicken lo mein and basil fried rice:


Now these entrees might seem basic at first glance, but I can assure you they were not. They were not your “typical” fried rice and lo mein. The noodles tasted fresh, not dried, and the sauces in both dishes were very pure in flavor. The amount we ordered was the perfect amount for two people, and I would definitely order these entrees again. I only hope that in the future I can go with more people so we can order even more selections to try. I absolutely will be back!



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