Beyond Neverland-Watching Fireworks Outside of the Magic Kingdom

One of our favorite “Beyond Neverland” activities is watching fireworks outside of the theme parks.  Fortunately, there are plenty of spots to view Wishes outside of the Magic Kingdom where they pipe in the music.

All of the resorts around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon offer viewing locations with music. We’ve watched from the California Grill, atop the Contemporary Resort. You have to be a patron to watch the fireworks from their observation deck, but there also is an observation spot on the fourth floor of the Contemporary that is accessible to anyone.  From this vantage point, you can see how far away the fireworks are actually shot off behind the Magic Kingdom.

Before the construction of the bungalows, the beach at the Polynesian was a lovely spot where we used to enjoy Wishes. In our opinion, it’s now not quite the same with the bungalows, and there are so many better locations. We’ve also watched from the beach at Ft. Wilderness.  Although Discovery Island slightly obstructs the view, it is a neat spot because it’s away from all the hustle and bustle of Seven Seas Lagoon. We were told that WDW actually times the music to account for how far away the viewing spots are from the actual fireworks, so that the music is in sync with the fireworks no matter where you watch them from.

We unexpectedly stumbled upon what seems to offer the best head-on view of the fireworks during our summer Beyond Neverland trip.  We were trying to get back to the Poly where we had parked and decided to get off the monorail at the TTC because Wishes was starting. We exited down the ramp from the monorail and looked over to the right. There was a straight-on view of the Magic Kingdom castle and the music was being played there too!  I’m sorry that this is the only picture I took, it was the end of a long day…but it gives you an idea of the vantage point.


Now imagine some beautiful fireworks blasting off over that castle along with the music and you get the idea. This is a spot we would definitely visit again. Another thing we’d like to try on a future trip is watching Wishes from one of the resort launch boats heading towards Magic Kingdom. We’d love to hear where you enjoy watching Wishes outside of the Magic Kingdom, so please leave us a comment!


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