Beyond Neverland-Watching Illuminations Outside of Epcot

Our recent trip to WDW included a non-park “Beyond Neverland” day.  We had heard that you could see part of Epcot’s Illuminations, if you stood on the bridge that connects the Boardwalk Resort to the International Gateway, the back entrance to Epcot in World Showcase.  That evening, after Mama Darling and Emily returned from Morimoto Asia we all took a leisurely stroll around the Epcot resorts.  Around 9:00, we made our way to the aforementioned bridge and noticed a huge crowd!  We weren’t expecting to see much, as a lot of Illuminations is centered around lower level pyrotechnics and lasers, but we could see all the fireworks that shoot off into the air.  We also could hear the music coming from Epcot, which was an unexpected surprise.

Here’s a brief video of our view:

We did notice that because the higher fireworks go off and then there is a lull in the action (when the lower level parts are happening) about half of the people left the area before the grand finale.  So they missed the best part of the show! Now this isn’t something we would go out of our way to do, like viewing Wishes from outside of the Magic Kingdom (where you can see and hear the whole show), but since we were staying in the area it was fun to experience.  The Boardwalk area in general is a nice place to explore in the evening.  As a mini bonus, we could see the higher fireworks from Fantasmic while we were in our room at the Dolphin. Maybe someday we’ll splurge for one of the Epcot view rooms on the upper level of the Dolphin and enjoy Illuminations from our balcony. We can dream, right?


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