Who are the Second Star Sisters?



We are Molly and Emily – true Disney Fanatics since very young ages. We grew up in the ’80s and ’90s going to the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World, and our love grows more with each and every visit. Born and raised in Massachusetts, we spent every summer in Florida with a trip to Walt Disney World every year or two.  We’ve since migrated south to Florida. In addition to enjoying the Florida sunshine, we can visit Disney World more frequently. While not the entire reason each of us moved here separately, it definitely helped in our decisions to relocate!  Even though we go to Walt Disney World several times a year, we always find new experiences, so it never becomes old.  We love nostalgia, taking in the ambiance, and being off the beaten path.  Even though we’ve been to the parks hundreds of times, we always learn or experience something new each time.  We have visited Disneyland in California a few times, which only adds to our love of all things Walt. Even though we are adults now, we are still kids at heart and love to hang out at the “Second Star to the Right.”



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