Beyond Neverland: What to Do Outside of the Parks

A Disney Vacation Without Setting Foot in the Parks!

We are Florida Seasonal Passholders.  Although Molly is a teacher, and the blackout dates would be ideal times for her to visit the parks, we don’t enjoy the parks when they are super crowded (and sweltering).  Typically, we’ve simply avoided visits to Walt Disney World during our blackout dates.  We usually plan “one last visit” in June and go again in mid-August once the blackout is over.

In July 2015, we made something we had considered for a while into a reality….we call it the Disney Park-Free Vacation.  It’s a trip to Disney without setting foot in a park!  Because our goal is to always do something different or learn something new, this trip was filled with some memorable moments. It was like seeing the resort through a whole new set of eyes and we only achieved it by going while our passes were blacked out. We thought we may be tempted by the parks being so close, but when we were actually on the trip we didn’t have any desire or regret once. There is just so much more to do than the actual theme parks themselves and this is where we will document our adventure.

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