Get your Disney fix at home

It’s nice to have a little Disney magic in our everyday lives.  Thanks to technology, it’s easy to stay in the Disney state of mind.  Here are some of our favorites as well as some ways we add Disney to our lives at home:

  • Our newest and greatest way to get our Disney fix is the Periscope App.  It is a live streaming app for ios and android, and all you need to get started is a twitter account.  There are dozens of  “scopers” who live stream from Walt Disney World, Disneyland in Anaheim, and Disneyland Paris.  There have even been a few scopes from Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland.  It is our favorite way to “be” in the parks when we can’t actually be there!!
  • Podcasts are a great way to learn something new and experience Disney magic and when away from the parks.  These are some of our favorites:

Wedway Radio

Communicore Weekly

Resort Loop Podcast

WDW Today

Walt Disney Family Museum Podcast

Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast with Jim Hill

Stories of the Magic

Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell

Disney Brit Podcast

Retro Disney World Podcast

  • The Sorcerer Radio app streams Disney park music 24/7.  You can also listen online at using a variety of tuners.  It brings a little audio magic into our lives at home, work, or even lounging by the pool.
  • You can search for any type of theme park ride music and area music loops on YouTube and hook it up to some speakers.

Other posts we’ve written about getting our Disney fix:

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